Mobilise for prevention

Through its constructive approach, the APT mobilises States and civil society in favour of prevention through the following actions:

1. Inspire

We inspire innovative solutions for States and civil society to prevent torture and ill-treatment.

For instance, we move forward with the idea of a universal protocol for investigative interviewing of detainees, as proposed by former Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez:

We create a unique website collating numerous stories of change led by the ratification and implementation of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on Torture (OPCAT):


2. Inform

We inform States and civil society that the risk exists everywhere, and that prevention works.

For instance, we commission a global independent research on the effectiveness of torture prevention measures:

We produce an animated video on the 'OPCAT, the Torture Prevention Treaty' to inform States and civil society about how the OPCAT system works:

Thanks to our local partners, the OPCAT animation now exists in 19 languages.

3. Persuade

We persuade States and civil society that it is necessary to commit to prevention.

For instance, we look for different angles to address the issue of torture with States:

We find new audiences with whom to raise awareness of the benefits of being part of the OPCAT system: